Our Fleet of Boats

My Way


My Way is a 39-foot Michael Fitz craft. Powered by twin John Deere engines, this magnificent boat offers an exciting ride to your destination. Specifically designed for snorkeling, My Way features an upper deck for those looking to catch a refreshing breeze, wide open platform area that's perfect for sun lovers and a roomy, shady cabin. My Way also boasts a “head,” fresh water, wash-down hose, easy access and safety equipment.

Yo Yo IV


Yo Yo IV is a roomy, 40-foot turbo-charged Key West #1 hull craft. Well-constructed and handsome, this solid vessel features an enormous upper deck, open platform for sun worshippers and cool cabin. Re-designed for snorkeling, the Yo Yo IV provides easy access into and out of the water via a wide swim platform and ladder. A “head,” fresh water, wash-down hose and safety equipment are all found on board.

Trippin' Out


Tripin' Out is everything you want and need in a boat: beautiful, quality crafted and fast. Turbo powered, this 43-foot Torres vessel is renowned for its sturdiness and solid, no-rocking construction.

Tripin' Out is powered by a new John Deere engine to get you where you need to go reliably. Built to appeal to many different groups, this ultra-wide vessel features a large top for sun protection and a large bow, for soaking it in. Like My Way and Yo Yo IV, a “head,” fresh water, wash-down hose and safety equipment are available on board.