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Frequently Asked Questions

Question:        Do you pick up and drop-off customers?

Answer:        We pick up all cruise ship passengers at the cruise ship pier.  After the tour, you will have two options for drop off: back at the cruise ship pier, or, at 7-mile beach.  We also pick up customers staying in a hotel or condo, located along 7-mile beach.   After the tour, you will be driven back to your hotel or condo.

Question:        Do you provide snorkeling gear?

Answer:          Free use of all snorkeling gear and vests is included in the tour price.

Question:        Are children allowed on the tours?

Answer:        We do not have any age limits, so your children are welcome.  Please note that you must provide adult supervision for your children.

Question:        Do you require a deposit?

If you are reserving space for a private charter, or for 10+ people,  will  be required to fax a credit card number to our secure fax machine to guarantee your arrival. Your credit card will not be charged for the tour, just used to insure that you will show up.

Question:        Am I charged if my cruise ship cannot visit Grand Cayman?

Answer:        If your ship is unable to visit Grand Cayman due to weather, or any other reason, we will AUTOMATICALLY cancel your reservation, at no cost to you.

Question:        If I take your tour, will I miss my cruise ship?

Answer:         If you book a tour with us, we guarantee that you will get back to the cruise ship pier, before the last tender back to your ship.

Question:        What’s your cancellation policy?

Answer:          We ask that you provide at least one week advance notice to cancel your
                your  reservation.  If you do not cancel your reservation at least one week
      in advance, you will be charged for the full amount of the tour. 



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